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About us

DesignLink Architecture & Design is an architectural design studio based in Abu Dhabi – UAE that specializes in concept creation and always strives for creativity, quality, and reliability. 

With a goal of creating timeless pieces of art that will be recognized and enjoyed around the world, the firm provides a novel design experience with personalized design services, through an ever-present positive outlook.


Our team believes that the design stage is the cornerstone of each project and the design process should be a creative, joyful one.


The professional team gets to know every client on a personal level, expanding our imaginations and evoking our emotions. With a philosophy that “everyone deserves quality design”, they provide top-class services, no matter the project type, scale, or location. They build trust with their clients and make sure to fulfill their needs by always going the extra mile.


A fundamental belief is that a good and successful design should not only be the end goal of the client but should be an aim for the designer as well, as this leads to growth.


We at DesignLink Architecture & Design acknowledges that value only comes from quality and customer satisfaction, so they take on every project as if it were their first, with the overarching mission to become one of the most well-known design firms globally in home design.

Fayez Jazmati
Founder - Design Director

Fayez is Syrian architect, born and raised in Abu Dhabi - UAE, comes from a family of architects, he did his bachelor degree in architectural engineering at the University of Aleppo - Syria in 2010, and got his masters degree in Urban and regional planning from Paris-Sorbonne University in 2016.

After an extensive experience  working with multiple design firms in Abu Dhabi, specializing in concept design & creating innovative design ideas; Fayez founded DesignLink to achieve his vision of producing designs of the highest quality  that are applicable in reality and understands local culture needs and visions.

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